Celebrities with Plastic Surgery

Sometimes celebrity looks the same after doing surgery. There is shocking celebrity surgery, which has gone worse. Some of the celebrities do this plastic surgery to hide their scars, and some of them want to look younger and more beautiful. By browsing the online sites, you can get the list of celebrity surgery from good to worse.

Celebrities with plasic surgeryThe popular celebrities earlier did not have surgery, yet they use to look beautiful. Young celebrities also have pressures; some of them have started doing surgery. Natural beauty slows down slowly. To keep the beauty of these celebrities, they undergo such surgeries. It makes them look beautiful. (more…)

Beard Moisturizer For Black Men

Beard is always adored by many black men and has even been considered their signature look. This even makes them more appealing to women and regards them as being sexy. Many celebrities who are famous for their beard look are Rick Ross, Snoop Dog, Florida, Drake, Idris Elba and many others.

Black Man with Beards

Remember it is not everyone who gets to maintain his beard to an extent of being envied by everyone. It all matters on your dedication and the grooming process. Beard moisturizer for black men comes handy in this case for super shiny and glowing beard.

How does Moisturizer Help in Beard Growing?

The longer the beard grows, the more the skin underneath traps dead cells hence making it to irritate and feel itchy. This problem can be brushed off easily as it contains the essential elements to deal with the problem. (more…)

Cher Plastic Surgeries – A Few Points

When one talks about Pop music, there is little doubt that Cher always resonates quite loudly. She is often referred to as the Queen of Pop. Hence, being the celebrity she is, she takes lot of care to keep her looks and appearances in the best condition. She is quite old and has more has more than 5 decades of music behind her. Age certainly is catching up with her and hence, the need for these plastic surgeries.


Though it is not clear as the various types of surgeries she has gone through, there is no doubt that she has gone in for a complete facelift surgery. With age, the skin in the face starts sagging and becomes loose. However, looking at Cher now, it is quite evident that she has carefully done some surgeries, to give a tighter look to her face and it seemingly has worked very well on her. Her eyebrows also look quite now and this is perhaps because of the fact that she has gone in for a full course of brow lift surgery. Additionally, she also must have gone in for Rhinoplasty, to give a sharper and newer look to her nose. (more…)

Chelsea Clinton And Her New Look

Being a celebrity in her own right (daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton), Chelsea certainly draws a lot of attention. Hence, it is quite natural that she will be paying a lot of importance to her looks and appearances. If you go by her recent photographs and videos, there is every reason to believe that she undergone a number of plastic surgeries to give herself, a new look. It would be interesting to have a look at the same over the next few lines.

Chelsea Clinton

She has undergone a thorough round of rhinoplasty surgery. This is quite evident from the photographs taken earlier and the ones, which are taken recently. She is known to have a bigger and rounder rose in proportion to her face and it was certainly something which did not go well with her. However, after this round of nasal surgery, there are reasons to believe that she looks much better than what she was a few months ago. (more…)

Get a New Look With Hair Extensions

Good looks have often been a priority to many individuals in both the current and the past generations. You will in many cases find individuals staring at themselves for hours in the mirror just to be sure that they look good. Before someone leaves the house either for work or a date, they do literally everything to look good. You will find them applying makeup, combing their hair and doing various other things in a bid to enhance their appearances.

Hair Extensions tips

The hair often plays a major role in the enhancement of one’s appearance. Good looking hair combined with other characteristics often leaves an individual looking good and glamorous. Many, especially the women will spend a fortune in order to secure a sexy hairstyle. You will find them spending hours in the salon or searching for right hairstyle for having their hair done properly.

Currently long hair has hit the fashion world like a tremor. From the girl in the hood, to the TV personality, to the celebrity you adore, you will see them donning long hair. This hair is however not natural in most cases. Those who have short hair but would like to do the long hair thing are forced to go for hair extension. Hair extension is a simple process in which one can drastically alter the length of their hair.

This process often leaves the hair long. It is however advisable that before you go for the hair extension procedure, you should first experiment on how your looks may appear with the extensions. It is not enough that a number of people who don long hair look good in it that you should also go for the extension. It is not always a guarantee that anyone who goes for a hair extension often looks good after the procedure. There are some people who typically look better with short hair than they do with long hair. These types of people should therefore try avoiding going for hair extensions but instead just try enhancing their short hair.

Kaley Cuoco Hairstyles

There are many advantages associated to hair extensions. One of the advantages is that it is really easy to do hairstyles for long hair. Hair extensions could be done with either real hair or with artificial synthetic hair depending on the choice of the individual. One who does not wish to assume a particular appearance over a long period of time could easily change their hairstyles to get new looks. The summer is a period where people tend to enjoy themselves.

Many students are often on holidays and they tend to go to parties and proms and all those other interesting places. Those who are not at work also tend to go visiting places with sole purpose of entertaining themselves. Making out often requires that one looks sexy.

With long hair it is easy for one to get flirty hairstyles for summer partying. Hair extensions may also help with taking care of receding hairlines. Hairstyles that could be modified to cover the parts of the scalp left exposed by the receding hair are easier to do with extended hair. Hair extensions are always effective and may totally give you a whole new look.

Tamar Braxton and Husband Could Be Bankrupt

It comes as not too pleasant surprise that celebrities who everyone imagines have so much money cannot pay for services offered by nannies. Recently, Tamar’s nanny sued both her and husband Herbert for failure to remit cash for the time she had worked for them. This was a little embarrassing, taking into account the much musicians of Tamar’s caliber make. Tamar is also a respected reality TV hostess and is well known in America and abroad.

Apart from the nanny, other staffers have also launched complaints of non-payment by the talk show hostess and husband Vince. What this could mean is that the couple could be having money trouble like Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan bankrupt

Tamar was recently rushed to the hospital for anxiety attacks probably related to the mounting money problems facing them. This could also explain the reason they have not been able to release any new album lately. Tamar was nominated for a Grammy Award, but has not released any music recently because they owe most studios lots of money. (more…)

XMark Fid Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench Review

This trainer, which is a flat incline decline (FID) weight bench that has an arm curl and leg developer, provides wide assortment of power training exercises for your complete body workout from the cosiness of your home. This machine has an 8- pecking order hind tunings, which you can use in adjusting it from a decline all the way to a full military locus so that you can achieve full versatility for each workout phase. In addition to this, the machine also provides the necessary firmness that can take up to 125 pounds of regular or Olympic load plates.

The arm curl and leg developer gives you a chance to precisely give more attention to bicep muscles and your legs. The manufacturers of this trainer generally give it a design that is meant for long-term use. The solid bench is built using a 14-gauge, 2*2-inch steel that has an extra thick 2.5-inch high-density cushion pads and a double stitched Duraguard vinyl that is wear-resistant. This eminent bench normally comes with a limited lifetime guarantee from XMark for domiciliary use. (more…)

What Reviews Say About Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Weight loss has been viewed for many years as a ‘thing’ for people who are more interested in aesthetics. However, this has recently changed as more doctors have come out with the information on dangers of being overweight and the health benefits related to a well-managed healthy weight. With this knowledge, many people have started looking for ways to look lose weight to not only look good but also keep healthy. This has led to the production of a myriad weight loss products.

Even though many people want to lose weight not many have the patience to go the long way or the long way of working out has produced little or no results. Garcinia cambogia is perhaps the most popular of weight loss products in the recent past. The good thing about it is that it yields results naturally. (more…)

Garcinia Cambogia Helped My Spouse to Be Trim Once Again

If you thought obesity is purely a women’s affair, you are mistaken. Men do get fat as well, and I tell you it is even worse when a man begins gaining more weight. My husband looked rather trim and smart at first, but his friends were adding more weight after getting addicted to taking too much alcohol as well as roasted meat. What began as an innocent indulgence got worse with each day.

Fat HusbandI started complaining when he stopped taking home-made meals. What did he say? Oh! Why must women always nag so much! Being a devout Christian, I felt perhaps I was being too harsh on him. I gave him all the freedom he needed. After all, everyone carries their cross.

He continued to dine out with friends. You can bet he even stopped paying rent and all those responsibilities that come with fatherhood. He let me do all the shopping in the house while he got on ‘well’ with friends. Of course our relationship got sour. Not only that; he begun to add weight in one part of his body that irritated me most. His tummy! He kept looking like a pregnant woman all the time.

In fact, I remember at one time we even joked that soon he would go to the labor ward. He laughed it off and promised he would check his diet. He did not. He ensured all the meals he took were not from his very own house. (more…)

Julia Roberts – Then And Now

Though she has reached the age of 46, Julia Roberts still continues to raise many eyebrows, as far as her looks and appearances are concerned. There are many reasons for this. Being a reputed actress and producer, looking good was something of paramount importance to her. However, since she is ageing, there is no doubt that the effects of aging are been seen evidently.

Julia Roberts then and now

Julia Roberts then and now via www.whale.to

If one looks at Julia these days, there is a stunning difference in the way she looks. The main reason for this could be attributed to her frequent visits to the best laser surgeons to have a complete revamp of her face.

Julia Roberts smiling

The results are there for all to see and it certainly has added a lot of freshness and newness to her face. Today, she looks extremely attractive and reminds us of the Julia that we have known when she was in her 20s and 30s. Let us look at a few of the surgeries that she has gone through. (more…)

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