Julia Roberts – Then And Now

Though she has reached the age of 46, Julia Roberts still continues to raise many eyebrows, as far as her looks and appearances are concerned. There are many reasons for this. Being a reputed actress and producer, looking good was something of paramount importance to her. However, since she is ageing, there is no doubt that the effects of aging are been seen evidently.

Julia Roberts then and now

Julia Roberts then and now via www.whale.to

If one looks at Julia these days (this page), there is a stunning difference in the way she looks. The main reason for this could be attributed to her frequent visits to the best laser surgeons to have a complete revamp of her face.

The results are there for all to see and it certainly has added a lot of freshness and newness to her face. Today, she looks extremely attractive and reminds us of the Julia that we have known when she was in her 20s and 30s. Let us look at a few of the surgeries that she has gone through.

The facelift that she has gone through is quite obvious because it certainly has left behind a stunning new look on her. Her chin and cheeks no longer look tired and forlorn. Though there were some initial rumors attributing this sudden change to facials, it has now been proved that she has without any doubt gone through a total face lift. The absence of sagging skin, wrinkles and black spots below the eyes are a testimony to this.

Barbara Walters is another big celebrity who also has gone in for some fascinating plastic surgeries, to help her get a new look. This television anchor is well known and this new surgeries have certainly helped her image a lot. The most profound impact is the eyelid surgery that she has undergone. They look very bright and are full of life, compared to what they were, a few months ago.

While all these above surgeries have certainly given a wonderful new look both the Julia and Barbara, it might or might not work the same way for you. While not trying to sound about such surgeries, they will work only when you plan through the entire process.

You need to spend at least a couple of week trying to understand what exactly you need rather than following the crowd. You must get it only those surgeries, which are essential for you because money is an important factor which you must always keep in mind.

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